Lab Contact Info

LAB:  909 S Wolcott

        5080 COMRB

PH #:  (312) 355-5935

FAX:  (312) 996-1225

Cho Lab

Current Lab Members

Ming Lei, MD

Visiting Instructor

Mechanisms regulating activity of NADPH oxidases.

Jing Li, PhD

Visiting Instructor

Role of protein kinases in the platelet-neutropil aggregation during

thrombo-inflammatory disease.

Si-Yeon Jeong, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Role of transcriptional regulators in thrombosis.

Kyungho Kim, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Role of ER proteins in thrombosis.

Bei Xiong

Visiting Scholar

Role of thiol isomerases in platelet function and thrombosis.

Alan Tseng

MD, PhD Student


Role of TNR-alpha signaling in mediating neutrophil recruitment during inflammation.

Research Interests

Vascular Biology

Mechanisms of Thrombosis and Platelet Signaling

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Past Trainees

Andrew Barazia, PhD

Predoctoral Student

8/11 - 4/13

Current Position:  Applications Scientist at Intelligent Imaging Innovations

Eunsil Hahm, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

12/09 - 2/13

Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Rush Medical School

Shruti Bhise, MS

MS Student

11/12 - 6/13

Current Position:  Technician, Puget Sound Blood Center



Myeloid PDI CKO

Neutrophil recruitment into the TNF-alpha-inflamed endothelium in WT and myeloid-specific PDI null mice.


Platelet PDI CKO

Platelet thrombus formation and fibrin generation at the site of laser-induced arteriolar injury in WT and platlet-specific PDI null mice.

Blood Platelets


Incorporation of human blood platelets or iPSC-derived platelets into the developing mouse platelet thrombus at the site of laser-induced arteriolar injury in NOD/SCID mice.