University of Illinois College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Visiting Professor Seminar Series

Fall 2013

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM, 1020 COMRB 




September 4

Michael Zhu, PhD


Depts of Integrative Biology and Pharmacology

University of Texas Health Science center

Houston, TX

"Calcium Release Channels in the Endolysosomes"

September 11

Muniswamy Madesh, PhD

Assistant Professor

Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Research Center, Center for Translational Medicine

Temple University

Philadelphia, PA

"Discovery of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Importer Regulators"

October 1

Walter Duran, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair

Dept of Pharmacology and Physiology

New Jersey Medical School

Newark, NJ

"Nitric Oxide: Fundamental Endothelial Mechanistic Signal in Microvascular Permeability"

October 9

Steven Smith, PhD

Professor and Scientific Director 

Translational Research

Institute for Metabolism and Diabetes

Sanford Burnham Research Institute

Orlando, FL

"Molecular and Cellular Programming of Visceral and Subcataneous Adipose Tissue"

October 16

Jay Kolls, MD


Pediatrics and Immunology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Boston University

Boston, MA

"Th17 Cytokines and Mucosal Immunity"

November 13

Alan Fine, MD

Professor of Medicine

Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine

Boston University

Boston, MA

"The Role of the Mesothelim in Lung Development"

November 20

Roberto Weigert, PhD


Intracellular Membrane Trafficking Unit


Bethesda, MD

"Unraveling the Coordination Among Membrane Trafficking, Cytoskeleton and Cell Metabolism in Live Animals by Using Intravital Microscopy"

December 11

Simeon Goldblum, MD


Medicine and Pathology

University of Maryland

Baltimore, MD

"NEU1 Siadlidase Disrupts CD21-Driven Angiogenesis in Human Lung Microvascular Endothelia"

All seminars will be held in College of Medicine Research Building, located at 909 S Wolcott Ave

in Room 1020 Moss Auditorium unless designated above.

Coordinator:  (312) 355-3281

Revised:  3/3/17