University of Illinois College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Visiting Professor Seminar Series

Fall 2015

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM, 1020 COMRB 




September 23

Jason A Burdick, PhD
Professor of Bioengineering
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

"Biomaterial-Based Therapies to Treat Myocardial Infarction'

September 28 

**4175 COMRB**

Elisabetta Dejana, PhD
Professor of General Pathology
Department of Biosciences
University of Milan
Milan, Italy

"The Role of Endothelial Cell to Cell Junctions in Vascular Pathology"

October 14

J Kevin Foskett, PhD
Isaac Ott Professor
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

"Molecular Mechanisms of Inositol Trisphosphate Receptor Cell Survival Signaling"

October 21

Jason Rock, PhD
Assistant Professor
Depts of Anatomy, Medicine &
Cardiovascular Research Institute
University of California – San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

"Stem Cells and Adult Lung Regeneration"

October 22

Bristow Lecture

Peter Carmeliet, MD, PhD
Flanders, Belgium

"Angiogenesis Revisted: Role and (Therapeutic) Implications of Targeting Endothelial Metabolism"

October 27 

**4175 COMRB**

William Nauseef, MD
Internal Medicine
University of Iowa
Coralville, IA

"Human Neutrophils VS Staphylococcus Aureus: Standoff in the Phagosome"

December 9

Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD

Olla S Stribling Distinguished Chair of
Cancer Research
Department of Cancer Biology
University of Texas MD Anderson
Houston, TX

"New Insights into the Biology and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer"

All seminars will be held in College of Medicine Research Building, located at 909 S Wolcott Ave

in Room 1020 Moss Auditorium unless designated above.

Coordinator:  (312) 355-3281

Revised:  3/3/17