Lab Contact Info

LAB:  909 S Wolcott

        4140 COMRB

PH #:  (312) 996-7372

FAX:  (312) 996-1225

Pajcini Lab

Current Lab Members

Lijian Shao, MD, PhD


The role of Notch signaling in fetal hematopoietic development.

Karol Palasiewicz

Laboratory Manager

Generating mouse models for the study of Notch signaling in hematopoiesis.

Kilian Sottoriva

Predoctoral Student

Identify novel targets for Notch inhibition in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Neil Osafo

Undergraduate Student

Elucidate the role of novel proteins in Notch receptor cellular trafficking.

Research Interests

Vascular Biology

Cell Receptors & Redox Signaling

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Pajcini Lab

We study the role of cellular signaling pathways in the determination, expansion and differentiation of hematopoietic stem cells.

We use genetic mouse models and single cells purification techniques to understand the pathways and genes involved in determining the identity of blood stem cells.