University of Illinois College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Visiting Professor Seminar Series

Spring 2012

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM, 1020 COMRB 




January 11

Mick Bhatia, PhD


Dept of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Director

McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute (SCC-RI)

Ontario, Canada

"Programming Human Hematopoiesis"

February 8

Kyunghee Choi, PhD

Associate Professor

Dept of Pathology and Immunology 

Washington University School of Medicine

St Louis, MO

"Regulation and Modulation of Hematopoietic and Vascular Development"

February 15

Colin Jamora, PhD

Assistant Professor

Division of Biological Sciences

Section of Cell and Developmental Biology

University of California, San Diego

San Diego, CA

"Unraveling the Signaling Networks Regulating the Wound-Healing Response"

February 22

Dennis E Discher, PhD

Robert D Bent Charied Professor

Biophysical Engineering and NanoBio-Polymers La

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

"Inhibiting Macrophages with a

'Marker of Self'"

March 7

Nancy A Speck, PhD

Investigator, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute

Professor of Medicine

Cell and Development Biology

University of Pensylvania

Philadelphia, PA

"Runx1-CBFbeta Function in Hematopoietic Cell Formation"

March 14

Benjamin G Neel, MD, PhD

Director, Ontario Cancer Institute

Senior Scientist, Division of Stem Cell and Developmental Biology


"Targeted and Unbiased Approaches to Cancer Gene Discovery"

March 21

Peter Storz, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemsitry and Molecular Biology

Cancer Cell Biology Program

Mayo Clinic

Jacksonville, FL

"Role of Protein Kinase D in Actin Reorganization"

April 4

William Chilian, PhD

Professor and Chair

Integrative Medical Sciences

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Rootstwon, OH

"Bioplare Personality of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Heart"

April 11

Robert Flaumenhaft, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Division of Hemostasis and Thrombosis

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston, MA

"Allosteric Inhibition of PAR1 Signaling"

April 18

Roger D Kamm, PhD

Singapore Research Professor of Biological and Mechanical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA

"Microfluidic studies of Angiogensis: Growing Vascular Trees in Vitro"

All seminars will be held in College of Medicine Research Building, located at 909 S Wolcott Ave

in Room 1020 Moss Auditorium unless designated above.

Coordinator:  (312) 355-3281

Revised:  9/12/17