University of Illinois College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

PhD Student Research Forum

2016 - 2017

Fridays at 12:00 PM, 4175 COMRB 




September 16

GEMS Symposium

(No Pharmacology Forum)

September 23

Russell Smith (O'Bryan)

"Inhibition of RAS function through targeting

an allosteric regulatory site"

September 30

Jennifer Klomp (Karginov)

"Mimicking transient activation of protein

kinases in living cells"

October 7

Johanna Finn (Liu)

" Dlk1 regulates Type II to Type I cell

transition during alveolar repair through

inhibition of notch signaling"

October 14

Jugajyoti Baruah (Wary)

"Nanog-hTERT in the regulation of

endothelial cell regeneration"

October 21

Department Retreat

(No Pharmacology Forum)

October 28

Yedida Bogachov (Levitan)

"Low-density lipoprotein versus

oxidized low-density lipoprotein in

lipid packing and angriogenesis"

November 4

Alan Tseng (Cho)

"Neutrophil ERO1alpha in vascular inflammation"

November 11

Kerrie Collins (Karginov)

"Septin2 facilitates endothelial cell podosome mediated matrix degradation"

November 18

Mark Shaaya (Natarajan/Karginov)

"Dissecting the role PLD2 signaling pathways

in endothelial barrier recovery"

November 25

Thanksgiving Break

(No Pharmacology Forum)

December 9

Claire Chang (Du)

"The role of Galpha13 in integrin-dependent neutrophil transmigration"

December 16

Menglin Liu (Malik)

"Endothelial regeneration following

acute lung injury"


January 13

Ankit Jambusaria (Malik/Rehman)

"Computational Modeling Approaches to

Ascertain Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity"

January 20

James Hyun (Malik)

"Activation of HIF1α-Etv2-Notch1

signaling mediates ESC differentiation

of arterial endothelial cells"

January 27

Vanessa Juettner (Malik/Komarova)

"VE-PTP stabilizes the Adherens Junction

through Rac1 Activation"

February 3

Sarah Krantz (Rehman)

“The Role of Mitofusin 2 in Endothelial Inflammation”

February 10

GEMS Interviews

(No Pharmacology Forum)

February 17

Mengqi Zhu (Zhao)

"General control non-derepressible 2 deficiency protects pulmonary hypertension"

February 24

GEMS Interview

(No Pharmacology Forum)

March 3

Ian Rochford (Mehta)

"Macrophage Heterogeneity &

Resolution of Acute Lung Injury"

March 10

Priyanka Gajwani (O'Bryan)

"Using Novel Affinity Agents to

Manipulate RAS Signaling"

March 17

Joshua Jones (Malik/Rehman)

"Role of Plasmalemmal Vesicle Associated

Protein (PV1) in Albumin Permeability"

March 24

Spring Break

(No Pharmacology Forum)

March 31

Victoria Mastej (Wary)

"Role of KLF4 in Lymphatic Endothelial Cells"

April 7

Dianicha Santana (O'Bryan)

"Using Monobodies to Study Ras tumorigenesis"

April 14

Kilian Sottoriva (Pajcini)

"Targeting the Notch1 Transcriptional Activation Domain in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia"

April 21

Aziz Khan (Malik)

"The Role of PECAM-1 Mediated Signaling in Neutrophil Transendothelial Migration"

April 28

Cassandre Coles (Minshall/Levitan)

"Transcellular Transport vs Paracellular Leakage

of LDL and OxLDL in Laminar vs Disturbed Flow-conditioned Human ECs"

May 5

Michael Sun (Rosenblatt)

"Silk Fibroin from Bombyx Mori Silkworms as a Therapeutic for Corneal Wound Healing"

All forums are held in 4175 COMRB unless designated above.

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Revised:   4/26/17