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In recognition of the changing landscape of career interests of our Ph.D. graduate students, the UIC Department of Pharmacology is launching a new eight-week summer internship experience for our graduate students, offering them a unique opportunity to complete an internship in a non-academic setting.

Through this program, one (1) student per summer will have the opportunity to do an internship with our partners in industry and intellectual property. Students may also identify an internship sponsor on their own and provide this information during the application process. The student’s stipend will be fully covered by the Department during the internship experience.


To be considered for the program, students must:

1.       Have successfully completed their Qualifying Exam

2.       Be a current second, third, or fourth year Ph.D. student in the UIC Pharmacology Department

3.       Have at least a B average in their Ph.D. coursework

4.       Have an interest in pursuing a career outside of tenure-track academic positions

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 9, 2018 (for Summer 2018)


The following must be sent to Dr. Yulia Komarova by the application deadline.

1.       A 500-word essay discussing how this internship will help the student reach their career goals.

          Students should clearly indicate in which field (industry or intellectual property) they are interested in


2.       A letter of recommendation from their Ph.D. advisor or other research mentor.

          (A signed original or PDF must be emailed by the recommender directly).

3.       A copy of their UIC transcript.

4.       If students have identified a new internship partner, they must provide a signed letter of support from the partner

          indicating their commitment to taking the student and whether they will cover the student’s stipend and other


Students will be selected for the internship based on their interest in pursuing an alternative Ph.D. career, letter of recommendation, academic record, and program standing.

Students should contact Yulia Komarova for any application questions.

Additional resources for students interested in pursuing alternative careers are located HERE.