University of Illinois College of Medicine

Department of Pharmacology

Visiting Professor Seminar Series

Fall 2016

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM, 1020 COMRB 




September 7

Minsoo Kim, PhD

Associate Professor

Dept. Microbiology & Immunology

University of Rochester Medical Center

Rochester, NY

"Visualizing and Manipulating Leukoctye Migration with Light"

September 21

Hongbo Luo, PhD

Professor of Pathology Harvard

Med School

Boston Children's Hospital

Boston, MA

Rescheduled for Spring 2017

October 12

Zhongmin Alex Ma, PhD


Diapin Therapeutics, LLC

Ann Arbor, MI

"Discovery of New Targets for Diabetes Drug Development"

October 19

Amira Klip, PhD
Senior Scientist

Cell Biology Program, Research Institute

The Hospital for Sick Children

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning

Toronto, Canada

"Insulin Delivery to Tissues and its Actions on Muscle Glucose Transporters"

November 16

Samir Parikh, MD

Associate Professor

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Harvard Medical School Boston, MA

"Tie2 and the Host Vascular Response to Severe Infections"

November 30

Paul Frenette, MD


Chair & Director

Ruth L. and David S. Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Alert Einstein College of Medicine

New York, NY

"HSC Niche and its regulation by Long-Range Signals"

All seminars will be held in College of Medicine Research Building, located at 909 S Wolcott Ave

in Room 1020 Moss Auditorium unless designated above.

Coordinator:  (312) 355-3281

Revised:  3/3/17